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Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment

Break free from methamphetamine addiction at Wellbrook Recovery, a trusted Meth addiction treatment center in Brookfield, WI.

What To Watch For

Signs and Symptoms of Methamphetamine Addiction

At Wellbrook Recovery, we offer comprehensive treatment programs for individuals struggling with methamphetamine addiction. Methamphetamine, also known as meth, is a highly addictive stimulant drug that can have severe physical and psychological effects on those who use it. Our treatment approach is designed to address the physical, psychological, and emotional aspects of meth addiction to promote healing and lasting recovery.

  • Increased tolerance to the drug

  • Withdrawal symptoms when not using the drug

  • Persistent cravings for the drug

  • Mood swings, including irritability, anxiety, and depression

  • Decreased social and occupational functioning

  • Neglect of personal hygiene and appearance

  • Financial difficulties due to drug use

  • Increased risk of overdose

Types of Treatment

Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment at Wellbrook Recovery

At Wellbrook Recovery, we offer a comprehensive treatment program for methamphetamine addiction that includes:

Medical Detox
Residential Inpatient Treatment
Intensive Outpatient Program
Dual Diagnosis Treatment
Aftercare Planning
Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment at Wellbrook Recovery
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At Wellbrook Recovery we’re committed to helping you reclaim your life from drug and alcohol addiction with comfort and dignity. We dedicate all of our resources and expertise to help every individual in our care find peace and lasting recovery by providing them a tailored program with all levels of treatment. Our complete care encompasses all aspects of the addiction, rehabilitating their physical, mental, and emotional health.